The answer is yes! As of August 1, 2023, cannabis in Minnesota is legal to use.

Minnesota has taken a significant step forward by fully decriminalizing cannabis for adult consumers aged 21 and older. With this legalization, adults can now possess, use, and even grow cannabis for personal use. However, it’s essential to understand the rules and guidelines set forth by the state to ensure safe and responsible consumption. In this SEO article, we will outline the key details and regulations regarding the use and possession of cannabis in Minnesota for adult consumers.

  1. Possession and Transport of Cannabis in Minnesota:

Adults aged 21 and older can possess and transport cannabis in various forms, as specified by the law. The regulations are as follows:

  • Possession and transport of up to 2 ounces of cannabis flower is allowed in public places.
  • In a private residence, individuals can possess and transport up to 2 pounds of cannabis flower.
  • Possession and transport of up to 8 grams of adult-use concentrate are permissible.
  • Edible cannabis products or lower-potency hemp edibles infused with a combined 800 milligrams or less of THC can be possessed and transported.
  1. Home Cultivation:

Adult consumers who wish to grow their cannabis at home have certain guidelines to follow:

  • Up to eight cannabis plants can be grown at a single residence, with no more than four being mature, flowering plants.
  • The plants must be kept in an enclosed, locked space that is not visible to the public.
  1. Locations for Cannabis Use:

Cannabis consumption is allowed in specific places while being prohibited in others:

  • Cannabis can be used by adults aged 21 and older on private property, including private residences and locations with approved licenses or event permits (subject to availability).
  • It is illegal to use cannabis when operating a motor vehicle.
  • Cannabis cannot be used or possessed in public schools, charter schools, and school buses, as well as in locations where minors might inhale the smoke, aerosol, or vapor of a cannabis product.
  • Use of cannabis is also prohibited on federal property, such as courthouses, airports, and national parks. Smoking or vaping cannabis products is not allowed in multifamily housing buildings.
  1. Taxes and Sales:
  • A 10% tax is applied to cannabis product sales in addition to standard state and local sales tax rates. However, medical cannabis product sales are exempt from this tax.
  1. Future Retail Dispensary Sales:
  • Retail dispensary sales are expected to begin in the first quarter of 2025, with the exception of tribal nations.

With the full decriminalization of cannabis in Minnesota, adult consumers aged 21 and older can legally possess, use, and even cultivate cannabis for personal use. However, it is crucial to follow the outlined rules and guidelines to ensure safe and responsible consumption. Remember to avoid cannabis use before driving or operating heavy machinery and to consult a healthcare provider if you have any health-related concerns. By adhering to these regulations, Minnesotans can enjoy the benefits of cannabis responsibly while contributing to the state’s progressive approach to cannabis legalization.

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