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    Gorilla OG

    Gorilla OG is a Indica dominant hybrid strain as a result of the cross between Gorilla Glue #4 and OG Kush. Its aroma is very similar to the Gorilla Glue #4, with that tell-tale hint of OG that will hit you deep in the lungs. Be prepared for a good, hearty cough on this one because you are definitely going to choke a smile. The flavor is also overtly Gorilla Glue, with a slight note of an OG. This new classic—Gorilla Glue #4 combined with a true classic—this OG makes for one hell of a “super strain.” Being indica-dominant, it is sedating and relaxing, ideal for nighttime medicating for both body and mind.
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    Sunday Driver

    Bred by Cannarado and sent out to the Jungle Boyz, Sundae Driver is a smooth and creamy cross of FPOG and Grape Pie. profile. Buds are light green in color with purple accents and come drenched in trichomes. This strain offers a mellow and calming high, just like its flavor. For a tasty joint in the sun, give Sundae Driver a try. THC: 25.90% CBD: 0.12% *THC levels may vary from batch to batch  
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    Dark Star OG

    Dark Star OG is an indica strain cross between Purple Kush and Mazar-I-Sharif and OG Kush. Dark Star OG is  dark green and at times some purple strain was first bred indoors by T.H. Dark Star effects are as spacey as its name suggests: a deep, relaxed sensation throughout the body accompanied by a heavy cerebral calm. Though celestial in its effects, the strain is more likely homage to the Grateful Dead’s song “Dark Star.”
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    King Louis XIII

    King Louis XIII Indica Strain is available for Delivery in West Hollywood, Los Angeles, North Hollywood, Studio City, and Sherman Oaks. King Louis XIII is a strong indica dominant hybrid that tests at 24%-28% THC. This indica strain has OG Kush genetics and is named after French King Louis XIII. King Louis XIII strain has become very popular indica in last 2 years. King Louis XIII Indica Strain has a taste of pine, musk and familiar OG Kush scent.  King Louis XIII Indica Strain is suggested for patients who are treating Insomnia, Stress, Depression, Headaches, and Lack of Appetite. Based on King Louis XIII strain reviews this indica has great nighttime effects that are Euphoric, Relaxing, Hungry, and Sleepy.
  • Indica cannabis popcorn buds are about or a little smaller than popcorn. These are usually smaller B-grade buds that don’t have the bag appeal of large, lustrous A-grade nugs. Popcorn buds are perfect for cannabis consumers on a budget. The potency of popcorn buds should be on par with A-grade buds of the same strain by the same producer. TEXT  US TO CHECK WHICH INDICA STRAINS ARE AVAILABLE
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    Indica Shake Top Shelf

    Indica Shake is available for weed delivery in Los Angeles, West Hollywood, North Hollywood, Studio City, and Sherman Oaks. Best quality top shelf indica shake is collected from the cannabis flower on our menu. We don't mix leaf and trim in our top shelf indica shake!

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